"That's cool" Thought Bubble Stamp
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"That's cool" Thought Bubble Stamp
Self-Inking StampWood Stamp
A delightful and personalized way to celebrate student success! This unique stamp features your face with a thought bubble, alongside the personalized message such as "That's cool". It's the perfect tool for teachers who want to add a personal touch to their feedback, making each accolade even more special. Whether you're grading papers, rewarding homework, or just offering a bit of motivation, this stamp transforms every commendation into a memorable moment. Easy to use and designed to last, it's not just a stamp; it's a new way to connect and inspire your students with every impression.

Upload a picture of your face and we'll make a rubber stamp with your likeness. Press 'Personalize' button to start designing and preview the result.

A self-inking stamp re-inks the rubber die onto its inner ink pad before each impression, making it ideal for rapid stamping. It lasts for thousands of impressions before needing to refill. It comes with one of the five ink colors - black, red, blue, green or purple.

• Impression Size: approx. 1⅛" x 2"
• Ink colors: Black, Blue, Green, Red or Purple
• Water-based ink. It works great on standard papers but not on non-porous surfaces such as glossy papers or vinyl.
• When the ink starts to run low, you can refill the stamp pad with the Trodat Ideal Replacement Ink.
• Stamp models: We use high quality self inking stamps, including the Trodat, COLOP and Shiny. We determine which model to use for your order based on the size, design and availability.


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