Face Stickers

Print on 6mil premium vinyl film sticker sheets. Incredibly strong, durable and weather resistant. Safe in dishwasher. Starting from $9.99 for 6 pieces.
Introducing our Teacher Face Stickers – the perfect way to add a personal touch to the classroom! These high-quality vinyl stickers are customizable with any teacher's face, transforming a simple photo into a fun, engaging sticker sheet. Ideal for grading, decorating, or just spreading joy, our stickers are easy to apply and remove, leaving no residue. Simply upload a teacher's picture, and we'll create a vibrant, durable sticker set that celebrates their unique presence. Whether it's for appreciation, motivation, or a bit of classroom fun, these stickers are sure to leave a lasting impression!
Celebrate this milestone with a unique touch! Our Heartfelt Grad Thank You Stickers feature the graduate's face alongside a customized message, ideal for adorning your graduation party favors or thank you gifts. Create lasting memories of your special day with these charming stickers.
Bring your graduation memories to life with our custom Face Stickers, featuring the faces of you and your friends from the class of 2024! These personalized stickers are perfect for decorating laptops, notebooks, and more, ensuring your grad memories stick around for years to come.
Celebrate the special bond between dad and child with our Face Stickers. Personalized with their faces and a sweet message, this sticker is the perfect, playful gift to show dad just how much he means. Great for laptops, cars, or anywhere dad wants to show off his pride!
Puppy's Face Stickers
Add a personalized touch to your wedding celebrations with our Face Stickers. Featuring the faces of the bride and groom along with their names and wedding date, these stickers are perfect for wedding favors or sealing your invitations in style. Make your special day even more memorable!
Elevate your party game with our Party Face Stickers! Perfect for any celebration, these vinyl stickers can be personalized with any face you choose. Just upload a photo, and we'll transform it into a set of vibrant, fun stickers that will be the talk of the party. Ideal for birthdays, weddings, or any festive gathering, our stickers adhere smoothly to various surfaces and come off cleanly, leaving no residue. Add a personal touch to your event with these unique stickers, ensuring your special occasions are memorable and filled with laughter.
Make your graduation celebration stand out with our Personalized Congrats Grad Stickers. Featuring your face, a bespoke congratulatory message, and the year of your graduation, these stickers add a fun, personal flair to any grad event. Ideal for enhancing thank you cards, party decor, or as cherished keepsakes for friends and family.
Birthday Face Stickers
Face Stickers for couples
Introducing our Baby's Face Stickers - the adorable way to label and personalize your baby's belongings! These vinyl stickers can be customized with your little one's face, perfect for identifying bottles, toys, and other baby essentials. Not only do they add a personal touch, but they also make organizing your baby's items a breeze, ensuring nothing gets lost or misplaced. Easy to apply and remove, our stickers are durable, water-resistant, and safe for all types of surfaces. Whether you're at home, daycare, or on the go, our baby face stickers bring joy and function to everyday items, making them a must-have for new parents!
Elevate your graduation day with our Grad Day Personalized Face Stickers! These stickers are tailored with the graduate's face and a congratulatory message, making them perfect for family members to wear on shirts during the ceremony or as a festive party accent. Celebrate this milestone with a fun, personalized touch!
Circular Face Stickers
Turn any photo into stickers
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